In our unique Regional Boutique you will find a mixture of artisanal and hand-made products crafted by a select group of local artists. Each one of them have been carefully selected due to their profound love of our earth and the delightful mark their creations leave upon Mother Earth.

For us, it’s of paramount importance that our clients can take a part of our traditions home with them, through the wide variety of singular and extraordinary products you will find in our Boutique.

Jacinta Boutique | Yucatán senses


Artesanal products, 100% natural and organic to care for your skin. Ecological and biodegradable to care of the environment as well.

From a company 100% Yucatan and Mexican, the ingredients for our products all come from indigenous communities and local craftsmen, all with the highest level of quality.

The use of such high caliber ingredients is extremely beneficial to your skin due to the humidifying, antiseptic, exfoliating, hydrating, disinflamatory, relaxing and curative properties found in nature.

The ingredients used are 100% vegetable in nature, conserved with natural glycerin such as oils, cereals, seeds, aromatic and medicinal herbs, flowers, cocoa and honey .

Our products do not contain additional chemicals or irritate your skin.

Jacinta Boutique | Guayaberas tiskbuk


This linen shirts were made in Tekit, a small village in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula known for the quality and beauty of its products, by the last remnant of Mayan artisans still using traditional manufacturing methods thus, making this the genuine article, a true guayabera.

Jacinta Boutique | Rosa pastel


Exclusive girl’s dresses, traditional and elegant. Distinguished by their hand-embroidered edges and unique designs. Created from the highest levels of material such as linen, cotton, organdy and more.

We specialize in baptism dresses, christening gowns, first communion outfits, and hand-made lace handkerchiefs by custom order.

"Maintaining the tradition of well-dressed young ladies is our priority."

Jacinta Boutique | Erika Correa


Handmade watercolor artworks ideal to decorate lovely nurseries. Each piece is created in different measures and optional colors for you to adapt to your special spaces.

Counting also with a National Collection, in which each artwork holds the essence of Cozumel and the Yucatan for you to take home.

Jacinta Boutique | Natalia Rincon


These paintings are made with Oil Painting or Mix Media, they are the result and the inspiration of the life on the Island of Cozumel. Some are realistic and others are abstractions of moments and images of the Island, like a sunset, coconuts, local fruits and shells. Painting is to the artist the best way to express herself, emotions and feelings, through the combination of colours.

Jacinta Boutique | Daniela Hadad


Daniela Hadad, a Yucatan designer, fuses her love of fashion and décor by creating unique jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted using the highest quality materials such as silver, semi-precious stones and gold fill (14k gold alloy).

Jacinta Boutique | Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

Sweet Dreams!

This cotton pj is carefully made and designed in the Yucatan. We use the softest cotton, perfect for sleeping, lazy Sunday mornings or just hanging around at home.

Its the comfiest and chicest, with its classic design but at the same time fun because of the different patterns and colors.

We are all about comfort and style. A stylish sleepwear set perfect for every day.

Jacinta Boutique | Calocho


Born in the Yucatan, participates in tourist and fashion projects in Cancun. Conceptual designer in diverse materials. Converts daily use itiems into “objects d’art”. His work has taken him to exhibit in national and international fairs such as High Point, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York and Frankfurt.

Evening and sport handbags, on silk, linen and suede, with exotic and creative handles designed in the Yucatan and handpainted by Mayan craftmen.

A Limited Edition to 50 pieces per item, signed and numbered.

Jacinta Boutique | Mr eight


Men’s swimwear brand designed and made in Mexico. Their unique prints, tailored approach, and quick-dry fabric make wearing MR. EIGHT a unique experience. Each print is hand made and every color is carefully selected to enhance your swimming or lounging in them. Our materials and construction evoke the highest possible quality to create a durable, yet fashionable product for you. Be proud to be part of the MR. EIGHT world.

Jacinta Boutique | Punto típico


The embroidered “Huipiles,” a traditional Yucatean blouse, is a tradition handed down from generation to generation and dates back to the Pre-Hispanic era.

The materials used are linen, cotton and even silk thread and fine yarn. Even the hand stitching is traditional with the most common being a “Punto de Cruz,” or ” Xocbil Chuy" (in Maya).

These beautiful garments are produced in indigenous Mayan communities located in different municipalities throughout the Yucatan peninsula. One garment can take as much as 30-45 days to be completed. Throughout the Yucatan woman have gathered together to produce these traditional garments, preserve their traditions, and contribute economically to their families.

Jacinta Boutique | The Mayan Cacao company


Each chocolate bar from The Mayan Cacao Company tells a story about the last 500 years of the chocolate’s history, celebrating this extraordinary contribution of the Mayan culture to the world.

Indulge yourself with a perfect combination of organic cacao beans and delicate flavors of natural ingredients. We guarantee you will be a taste experience that is unlike anything you've tasted before.